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Information for Youth

The SVA is an 'evergreen' society, recognising that without the involvement of younger generations, we can expect no future. Youth matters to us!

Our Youth Committee seeks increasing contact with local schools and Youth organizations. We maintain close contact with Sidmouth College, awarding Annual prizes for Project work, which must include some aspect of Sidmouth's history, or geography, architecture, or nature conservancy, etc.


"SVA's Sylvia Brownlee (Youth Matters) is seen here rewarding Year 11 students for project studies on Sidmouth's History and East Devon geography, 2008".

In January 2003, Primary School children from 6 local schools came to Margaret's Meadow to plant 100 trees in the Golden Jubilee Copse, a living memorial to the 50th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's reign.They were invited to return in later years, with their children (or grandchildren) and to point out the tree they had planted!

Scouts have also helped occasionally in improving the spread of snow-drops, the clearing of felled tree branches, and in other ways.This is a means of qualifying for a Care of the Environment Badge. This contact is valued by all concerned!

The SVA have produced a 'Town Trails' series of walks for school-children. The children of All Saints Primary produced this collage of Sidmouth town buildings, found on the ‘Trails’'

ScoutsSchool Party

In recent years we have developed a MENU of activities available to Youth groups; to create occasions when young people can recognise the debt that is owed to those who have cared for the local landscape in past years; and those who still continue to care for the valley in which they live. By interaction of this sort we seek to improve respect for the activities of young and old within our communities. It is expected that Menu items may be early evening or week-end events, by arrangement.

MENU in Summary

1 Walk lower river Sid in mid/late November 1 hour walk. (Groups up to 10 persons).
2 History of the Gilchrist Pond. 1 hour walk. Groups up to 15 persons.
3 Historic use of water in the River Sid valley. 30min talk at each of 3 locations. Groups up to 15 persons.
(Could be expanded to include use of Ram pumps in Third world irrigation, and Project to make basic Ram pump based upon simple materials and design from internet.)
4 Awareness of the detrimental affect of litter on wildlife. Youth Project for a Youth Group. 1 hour sample clean-up carried out, and recorded
5 Aquatic wildlife in and about River Sid. Walk/talk near Fortescue footbridge. Groups of up to 12 persons.

1. Interior Visit to the Heritage Centre, (after Opening Hours). Resources for different age groups
2. Town Walks by Museum Guides. (a) Jurassic Coast (b) Historic Eastern Town (c) Historic Western Town (d) Blue Plaques tour. (e) Town Trails for Schools

1. Public Rights of Way: Appreciation of rural path network & Maintenance  (PA)
2. Walking Programme (see Waymark Scheme) (PA)
3. Short Circular Countryside Walk(s) for youngsters with parents (BW)
4. Beating the Bounds Parish Boundary of Sidmouth (BW)

PLANNING & CONSERVATION. Planning & Conservation issues for teenagers.

1. Nature Walk through SVA fields
2. Bluebell walk Salcombe Hill
3. Wild-life & nature conservation.
4. Dawn Chorus Open to the Public, therefore will include adults.
5. Award Badges for uniformed groups.