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Tree Watch

Concerned at the “carnage” inflicted on trees at Cedar Shade, the Sid Vale Association has appointed an officer to keep an eye on trees under threat. As an Association we have always been concerned about trees and the well being of our environment here in the Sid Valley - but with complications with the rules re Planning and so much change happening around us, we need our members to have a direct line to an officer who can immediately investigate any threatened tree of note in the town and surrounds.

Rodney Scott who has a lifetime interest in trees was appointed by the SVA executive in May 2008 for this newly created post that seems most needed in this day and age. The executive decided to be more aware of trees under threat through redevelopment or over-zealous tree surgeons.

Mr Scott’s interest in trees began as a boy in Hatfield with Queen Elizabeth’s Oak in Hatfield Park. It was the oak beneath which Elizabeth 1 received news she had become queen.

As part of his career he was in regular contact with the Forestry Commission and having moved to Sidmouth and joined the SVA working parties, his interest in mature and young English native trees was renewed.

Any Sidmouth resident can apply for a tree protection order if concerned about any tree under threat.


Mr Rodney Scott is happy to hear about any unprotected trees causing concerns on (01395) 519792 or at the email address shown below