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How to Join the Sid Vale Association

You may be an established resident; or someone who has come to live in East Devon within the last few months, or years. Either way, you have your reasons for choosing the charm of Sidmouth and its surrounding suburbs, in which to make your home.

We believe that You already appreciate -

  • our public amenities and floral gardens
  • the conservation of many listed buildings
  • the 'old world' pride in local surroundings, and in houses and gardens
  • the unspoilt Devon countryside
  • the World Heritage Jurassic Coast
  • Almost 14,000 people live here, and Sid Valley has hundreds of clubs and associations, of which we are the oldest!

New MembersHow much each Member does to support the SVA's activities depends on many things - health, age, abilities, etc. Some are unable to do much physically, whilst others see personal involvement in our activities as a way to making new friends, and getting to know the area better.

The significance of supporting our Association by becoming a Member, is the 'weight' then given to the views of the SVA, by local authorities, when it comes to issues about conservation of buildings or countryside; or undesirable building developments, etc. The more members, the more pressure that can be brought to bear upon issues which may affect the Sidmouth we know today. (Currently nearly 20% of Sidmouth residents are Members)!

Membership Terms:

Our Membership secretary can be contacted through the email address below.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP is ONLY £30 for one person!
OR £40 for 2 persons living at the same address.

ANNUAL Membership
£5 for one person or £7 for 2 persons at the same address.

UK Postal Delivery
Outside the Sid Valley:

Life Members £20 per address
Annual Members £2 per annum.

Click here to download SVA Application Form

This form requires Adobe PDF Reader

If you do not have a PDF reader, please download it free from the Adobe Website