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Sid Vale Calendar 2017


Full colour A4 calendar with photographs of Sidmouth and the Sid Vale and space for appointments etc.

Sales of this full-colour wall calendar benefit the Sidmouth Landscape Fund, formed by the National Trust and the Sid Vale Association to raise money for the conservation of land in the Sid Valley, ensuring it remains unspoilt for future generations to enjoy. Features scenes in the beautiful Sid Vale.

Supplied with envelope for posting. £5.25 + £1.49 p&p

Sidmouth's Literary Connections

by Nigel Hyman

Jane Austen had a romantic attachment; Elizabeth Barrett was lulled to sleep by the noise of the sea; JRR Tolkien found the inspiration to continue writing Lord of the Rings; Rupert Brooke wrote a poem for his new young love; Beatrix Potter wrote about a pig; John Betjeman wrote a poem Still Sidmouth; RF Delderfield spent his later years here; Stephen Fry wrote about the town whilst filming Jeeves and Wooster;
and there are others…

Published 2016. 48pp A5 softback. £2.50 + £1.49 p&p


Sidmouth: A History

New edition revised by Nigel Hyman

The most comprehensive history of Sidmouth in print.

This history of Sidmouth was the brain-child of Gerald Gibbens, a past Curator of Sidmouth Museum. It covers the history of the town, starting with the geology, and includes chapters on prehistoric and Roman eras, Saxon, Viking and Norman times, The Middle Ages, the Tudor Epoch, The 17th and 18th Centuries, The Regency Period, The Victorian Age and the 20th Century. A new chapter chronicles the early days of the 21st Century and the book now includes over 70 illustrations in colour.

Published 1987. Third Edition revised 2015.
Paperback A5 size 144 pages £7.99 + p&p £2.99

Sidmouth Scientists

by Professor Robert Miles

This new book celebrates the contributions to science of four Fellows of the Royal Society who lived in Sidmouth: astronomer Norman Lockyer, Ambrose Fleming inventor of the radio valve, Sidney Brown who designed radio equipment and loudspeakers and Frederick Lindemann who played a large part in the development of radar during World War II.

Published 2015. 20pp A5 softback. £2.99 inc. p&p

Salcombe Regis An Anthology
700 years of village life

by Julia Creeke

"There has been no book published on Salcombe Regis for over 40 years, since Ronald Wilson's little booklet 'Salcombe Regis Sketches' came out (now long out of print). Yet there are many different articles, both published and unpublished, by many different authors, on a wide variety of subjects, which when taken together provide an insight into the life of the village and wider Parish over a period of 700 years, from the early medieval to the late 20th century. It was this store of history about Salcombe Regis which, if it could be brought together, I felt would make fascinating reading." Julia Creeke

Published 2015. 164pp A4 paperback £15.50 + £3.99 p&p

The Natural History of the Sid Valley through the seasons

by Louise Woolley

An introduction to some of the plants and animals that are present in the Sid Valley. While you explore the valley, this booklet will help you look out for plants and animals you should be able to find by visiting different habitats, and tells you about some of the more elusive species and what signs to look out for.

Published 2015. 56pp A5 softback £4.50  + £1.49 p&p

Walk the Churches of the Sid Valley

by Prof. Brian Golding

This new booklet leads us around the 20 churches in the Sid Valley, starting with an easy stroll taking in the 10 places of worship, past and present, in the town centre, followed by five longer walks covering the churches in Salcombe Regis, Sidford and Sidbury.

Published 2015. 16pp A5 softback £2.49 inc p&p

All I ever Wanted

by Christine Hardy

The life of Sidmouth fisherman Stan Bagwell, the book combines many photos of Stan's boats and family with 75 years of fascinating stories of growing up in the town, his life at sea and Sidmouth's fishing community. Produced in aid of the Fishermens Mission.

Published 2015. 120pp 210x210mm paperback £12 + £2.99 p&p

Brandy for the Parson

Compiled by Christine and Rab Barnard

Everyone enjoys a story about smuggling - it's the romance associated with the image. This book covers the early to mid 1800s, a period of high activity in the trade and gives an insight into the society of the period and the harsh conditions experienced by Sidmouth's less privileged inhabitants

Published 2014. 48pp A5 softback. £3.50 + £1.49 P&P

A Walk in the Byes, Sidmouth

Prepared by Andrew Rugg-Gunn

This is a walk through the green lungs of Sidmouth following the River Sid from Waterloo Bridge near the centre to Sidford's Packhorse Bridge.

Published 2014. 16pp booklet 10x21cm £1.99 inc. p&p

Sidmouth's Long Print – A Picture in Time

by local historian Julia Creeke

This fully illustrated book charts the fascinating stories revealed in the landscapes, buildings and beach as depicted in the Long Print of Sidmouth. It covers the period of 25 years between the publication of the First and Third States, using contemporary source material contained in a Guide Book written by the Revd. Edmund Butcher and published in 1817. This publication makes the perfect companion to the book ‘The story of Sidmouth’s Long Print’.

Published 2014. 36pp A4 softback. £5 + £2.99 p&p

Sidmouth People & Places

By Nigel Hyman

Discover Sidmouth's rich history of colourful personalities and its legacy of fascinating buildings, many of which can easily be seen.

Published 2014. 60pp A5 softback. £4.50 + £1.49 P&P

The Knowle, Sidmouth – A house and its history

By Christine & Rab Barnard

The story of one of Sidmouth’s most important buildings from its early days as one of the country’s first zoos, through its time as the ‘Friendly Hotel’ to its present use as East Devon Council’s offices, and its uncertain future..

Published 2013. 92pp A4 paperback. £9.50 + £2.99 p&p.

The Story of Sidmouth's Long Print

by local historian Julia Creeke

This lavishly illustrated book charts the fascinating story and history of the famous Panorama Print of Sidmouth’s Seafront and the families associated with the print over 200 years.  Originally commissioned in 1815 by John Wallis, owner of the Marine Library, the original watercolour was drawn and painted by Hubert Cornish who was famous for his early paintings of the Indian sub-continent.  It has been updated over the years to become a unique and important record of the landscape and social history of the charming Regency resort town of Sidmouth..

Published 2013. 32pp A4 softback. £5 + £2.99 p&p.

Sidmouth Museum's Long Picture – What's it all about?

Prepared by Nigel Hyman

The most iconic image of old Sidmouth is the Long Picture.  The painting was commissioned by John Wallis to advertise both his business and the attractions of this relatively new resort.  The fascination of the painting and the subsequent prints is that they give us a snapshot of Sidmouth in the year before Waterloo and it is possible to see something different almost every time they are viewed.

Published 2013. 12pp booklet 10x21cm £1.99 inc. p&p

Literature and Landscape in East Devon

by Peter Nasmyth

This comprehensive guide to the region’s literature tracks down the authors who cherished this special corner of the English countryside. It provides not only the words of the writers themselves, including Jane Austen, Beatrix Potter, John Betjeman, H G Wells, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and C Day Lewis, but shows where they walked and thought. A number of literary trails are offered to any reader wishing to follow in their footsteps.

160pp A4 paperback £15 + £3.99

History of the Office of Prime Minister

Illustrated playing cards

Meet the movers and shakers, the warmongers and peacemakers, the great and the weak, who held this office as it developed over three centuries of war, strife, political change and social turmoil.

£3.60 + £1.49 p&p

Sporting Britain

Illustrated playing cards

Images from the Museum of London’s collection. Discover the story of the British men and women who strived to fulfil their ideals of ‘mind, body and spirit’ the sports they played.

£3.60 + £1.49 p&p

Around & About Sidmouth to Seaton, Beer & Branscombe

Ordnance Survey Yellow Walk Map

1:16,000 Water resistant £3.99 + £1.49 p&p

Around & About Sidbury & Sidmouth, the Sid Valley, Core Copse, East Hill Strips and Farway Hill

Ordnance Survey Yellow Walk Map

1:16,000 Water resistant £3.99 + £1.49 p&p

Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes and Devon

By Brian Pugh, Paul Spiring and Sandru Bhanji

This book enables readers to retrace for themselves Conan Doyle's various trips to Devon and to learn more about the links between the county and several of his most popular Sherlock Holmes stories. It includes a tour of 30 related sites, together with GPS co-ordinates, maps and photographs.

Published 2010. Paperback 14x21.5cm 272 pages £5 + £2.99 p&p

A guide to common fossils

By Chris and Helen Pellant

A guide to identifying 71 common fossils, with photos and descriptions.

Published 2004 12pp laminated leaflet 17x25cm Price: £5.00 + £1.49 p&p

A guide to common minerals

By Chris and Helen Pellant

A guide to identifying 71 common minerals with photos, descriptions, chemical make-up etc.

Published 200412pp laminated leaflet 17x25cm Price: £5.00 + £1.49 p&p

Agatha Christie's Devon

by Bret Hawthorne

Agatha Christie was born in Torquay. This is a beautifully illustrated guide to the places mentioned in her autobiography and the real-life locations in which her novels are set. A must for Agatha Christie fans and a superb souvenir of Devon and its countryside.

First published 2009. Halsgrove Discover Series. Hardback 23.5x22cm 144pp £12.99 + £3.99 p&p

Votes for Women

Illustrated playing cards

54 different images tell the story of the struggle to gain women the right to vote, each captioned to explain its significance in the campaign.

£3.60 + £1.49 p&p

Long Picture cards

Reproduction taken from a hand-coloured print of the panoramic picture in Sidmouth Museum. The original watercolour was painted by Hubert Cornish in 1814.

450x102mm supplied folded to postcard size. Also available unfolded, mounted and framed. Please contact the Museum.
£2.50 inc p&p.

Sidmouth Rocks

Prepared by Roger Trend

An introduction to Sidmouth’s geology – or why are Sidmouth’s rocks red?

Why do they appear to contain so few fossils and why do they form crumbling sea cliffs? What can we learn about Sidmouth’s ‘deep history’ from looking at these rocks? This easy to read booklet by Roger Trend explains it all, then takes you on the gentle Sidmouth Geology Walk.

Published 2013. 20pp A5 softback. £2.99 inc. p&p.

The Sampson Heritage Trail

Prepared by Sylvia Brownlee

A guided tour of some of the properties designed by R W Sampson - the man responsible for much of the architectural layout of Sidmouth in the early 20th century.

Published 2013. 12pp booklet 10x21cm £1.99 inc. p&p

A Walking Tour of Sidmouth

Prepared by Andrew Rugg-Gunn

This guide will help you to see much of beautiful Sidmouth – architecture, gardens and views. Other guides in the series cover the central, eastern and western parts of the town.

Published 2013. 12pp booklet 10x21cm £1.99 inc. p&p

Special price for all four £5.49 inc p&p

A Walk around the Centre of Sidmouth

Prepared by Andrew Rugg-Gunn

This guide will help you to see much of beautiful Sidmouth – architecture, gardens and views. There are four guides in the series covering the main, eastern and western parts of the town.

Published 2013. 12pp booklet 10x21cm £1.99 inc. p&p

Special price for all four £5.49 inc p&p

A Walk around the West of Sidmouth

Prepared by Andrew Rugg-Gunn

This guide will help you to see much of beautiful Sidmouth – architecture, gardens and views. There are four guides in the series covering the main, central, eastern and western parts of the town.

Published 2013. 12pp booklet 10x21cm £1.99 inc. p&p

Special price for all four £5.49 inc p&p

A Walk around the East of Sidmouth

Prepared by Andrew Rugg-Gunn

This guide will help you to see much of beautiful Sidmouth – architecture, gardens and views. There are four guides in the series covering the central, eastern and western parts of the town.

Published 2013. 8pp booklet 10x21cm £1.99 inc. p&p

Special price for all four £5.49 inc p&p

Four Walking Tours around Sidmouth

Prepared by Andrew Rugg-Gunn

These guides will help you to see much of beautiful Sidmouth – architecture, gardens and views. The four guides in the series cover the main, central, eastern and western parts of the town.

Published 2013. 8/12pp booklets 10x21cm £1.99 each inc. p&p

Special price for all four only £5.49 inc p&p

Fossils & Rocks Of The Jurassic Coast

by Robert Westwood

A fascinating outline of the remarkable history of East Devon’s and Dorset’s World Heritage Jurassic Coast.

The UK’s Jurassic Coast covers 95 miles from Exmouth in Devon to Studland in Dorset and provides a fascinating record of 185 million years of Earth’s history through the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. This well illustrated guide gives a brief outline of this remarkable history in simple everyday terms.

Published 2003. Third edition 2008. Softback A5 size 40 pages £3.99 + p&p £1.49

The Jurassic Coast – Illustrated

by Robert Westwood

An illustrated guide to the geology of locations along East Devon’s and Dorset’s World Heritage coast.

Stunning locations abound on East Devon’s and Dorset’s World Heritage Jurassic Coast. At each one the rocks and fossils have a story to tell. Starting with the oldest rocks at Orcombe Point in East Devon and ending with the youngest at Studland Bay in Dorset, this book provides beautiful photographs with accessible yet detailed information about the processes that have shaped this wonderful coastline.

Published 2008. Softback A5 size 48 pages £4.99 + p&p £1.49

A Poor Man’s House

by Stephen Reynolds with introduction by Reynolds’ biographer Christopher Scoble

The finest and most beautifully written Devon story of its era.

In August 1906 Stephen Reynolds, a struggling young middle-class writer, stopped off on a walking holiday to stay in a fisherman’s cottage in Sidmouth. He fell instantly in love with the resiliant working-cass family cheerfully battling against the odds and decided to stay with them for the rest of his life.

First published 1908. Halsgrove edition 2001. Hardback 17x21cm 234 pages. Reduced from £19.95. Museum price £7 + £6.99 p&p

Historic Sidmouth: Life and Times in Sidmouth

by Julia Creeke. Drawings by David Bridgeman & Brian Lewis

A Guide to the Blue Plaques on buildings and places in Sidmouth.

This book lists more than 30 of the Blue Plaques recalling famous or memorable people who chose Sidmouth for home or holiday, with information of interest to both resident and visitor.

Revised Edition with three extra properties

Published 1992, Revised 2013. Map provided. Softback A5 size 64pp: £4.00 + p&p £1.49

Sampson’s Sidmouth

Researched and compiled by Sylvia Brownlee

Architect Robert William Sampson, LRIBA – The man responsible for practically the whole of the architectural layout of Sidmouth in the early 20th century

This book, compact and to the point, chronicles the life of a man who came to Sidmouth in 1891. He became so enamoured of the town and its people that he remained for the rest of his life, changing the face of Sidmouth architecturally speaking. In the public life of the town and its entertainment, his enthusiasm was outstanding. On the musical side and in particular his foundation of the Arts Club, his personal genius is remembered in entering the realm of the immortal Gilbert and Sullivan and for his superb playing of Jack Point, Ko-Ko and the rest. He was a man of a genial and kindly disposition who was held in warm esteem by all with whom he came in contact. A Gentleman.

Published 2009. Softback, A5 size, 56 pages, illustrated in colour. £4.99 +  p&p £1.49

Butterfly Moments

by Marion Lindsey-Noble

The biography of RF Delderfield

R F Delderfield discovered his love of words when, at the age of eleven, his family moved from London to take over a West Country newspaper. In the Second World War, he joined the RAF and wrote one of the longest running war-time comedies to be staged in the West End. His plays and film scripts launched the careers of the likes of Sean Connery and Thora Hird. Forty years after his death the BBC serialisations of his sagas A Horseman Riding By and To Serve Them All My Days are still popular.

Published 2011. Softback 15.5x23.5cm 254 pages. £9.99 + p&p £2.99

Sidmouth Harbour Company Railway

Researched and written by John Perkin

The history of Sidmouth’s abandoned coastal steam railway

The Sidmouth Harbour Railway was the first steam railway in Devon. It was never used for its original purpose and lasted only one year. There is still no harbour at Sidmouth although many schemes have been proposed. Due to the rapid erosion of the cliffs, all evidence of its existence will probably disappear very soon.

Published 2009. 8pp leaflet 10x21cm £1.99 inc. p&p


The Romano British Villa

by Sheila Luxton

Holcombe, near Sidmouth, was the site of a Late Iron Age settlement and a Romano-British Villa, discovered in 1967.

This little book tells the story of the excavation and the finds, which included a magnificent bronze Celtic mirror, a reproduction of which is in Sidmouth Museum. (The original was purchased by the British Museum).

Published 1988. Softback 8 pages. £2.99 inc. p&p

A Case of Murder

Compiled by Rab & Chris Barnard

The brutal murder in Wiltshire of a three year-old boy made the national headlines in the 1860s. A Case of Murder tells Sidmouth’s small, but not insignificant part in the drama of the Kent Family

New edition published 2013. Softback 16 pages £2.99 inc p&p


Elizabeth Barrett-Browning:

Sidmouth Letters and Poems 1832-5

Compiled and edited by Christine Hardy. Illustrated by Brian Lewis.

In 1830s Sidmouth an unlikely friendship develops between a privileged poet, daughter of one of England’s richest men, and a poor non-conformist minister with the gift of inspired oratory

Elizabeth Barrett-Browning was one of the most prominent poets of the Victorian era. In 1832, when she was 26, her family moved from Herefordshire to Sidmouth, first to Raferel House, now 8 Fortfield Terrace, and later to Bellevue, now Cedar Shade, in All Saints Road.
While living in the town Elizabeth was inspired by the eloquent sermons of the Reverend George B Hunter, minister of Marsh Independent Chapel which was situated on what is now the Ham car park. They became friends and she sought his opinion of her work over the next 13 years until she secretly married fellow poet Robert Browning in 1846.
The book includes extracts from letters and poems written by Elizabeth with beautiful descriptions of 1830s Sidmouth, its inhabitants and charming glimpses of her life in the town.

Published 2012. Softback, A5 size, 56 pages £4.50 + p&p £1.49

Peter Orlando Hutchinson of Sidmouth, Devon 1810-1897

by Catherine Linehan.

An introduction to a colourful and talented resident, a ‘professional’ amateur collector, writer, artist, historian, inventor, surveyor, and builder of the Old Chancel.

Peter Orlando Hutchinson, the son of a doctor, came to Sidmouth in 1825 at the age of 15 and he lived in the town until his death in 1897 aged 87. His legacy is a five-volume, beautifully illustrated manuscript History of Sidmouth, and six volumes of delightful sketches for the years 1848-1894. He was a prolific writer of books, articles for journals and magazines, local books and guides. He seems to have known everyone from skilled artisans to the gentry in whose houses he was a frequent visitor. This little book is an account of his life and times compiled from his manuscripts and diaries.

Published 1983, reprinted by Sidmouth Museum 1989. Paperback A5 size 64pp: £1.00 + p&p £1.49

Sidmouth – The Video (DVD)

Written, produced and directed for Sidmouth Town Council by David Young

1993 DVD 26 minutes £9.99 + p&p £1.49

Old Sidmouth

Compiled by Reginald Lane

The story of Sidmouth’s development in the 19th century, with drawings, maps, and contemporary photographs collected by the late Curator, Dr.Gerald Gibbens, and held by the Museum.

Reginald Lane’s local knowledge, coupled with material from the Sidmouth Museum’s archives, make this book a veritable treasury of past times remembered. It combines a wealth of fascinating photographs with an informative and detailed text, taking the reader on a guided historical tour of the town.

Published 1990. Reprinted 2001. Paperback A4 size 126pp:

Reduced from £10.99 to £4.99 + p&p £3.99

Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Devon

Published by the Public Catalogue Foundation

This beautifully produced art book brings together some 2,000 oil paintings from over 80 collections in Devon, including several from Sidmouth Museum as well as other museums in East Devon.

Published 2012. Hardback A4 size 348 pages. Reduced from £23.00 Museum price now £11.50 + p&p £7.99

Diary of a Devon Antiquary

Compiled and edited by Jeremy Butler

Peter Orlando Hutchinson spent all his adult life in Sidmouth, Devon. The son of a doctor and a man of adequate means, he was able to pursue a wide range of interests extraordinary even by Victorian standards. Everything interested him, from fishermen's tales to international politics, and into his diary went such details as precise astronomical measurements, the latest methods of preserving telegraph poles, the design of an iron-clad gunboat he proposed to the government, and the result of testing explosive shells of his own design on Sidmouth beach. His many talents matched his interests whether performing on the flute or French Horn in public concerts in Exeter, carving decorative stonework for the newly restored Sidmouth church, or building his home the Old Chancel, out of discarded fragments of churches in the vicinity. His pioneering geological observations and archaeological researches are now of special value, particularly his mapping of Bronze Age burial mounds of south-east Devon, many of which have now disappeared. Above all, it is as an artist and inveterate recorder of what he saw and heard that makes Hutchinson's diaries and sketchbooks such a valuable and interesting addition to the literature of Devon. It is these that are brought together and published in this superbly illustrated book.

Published November 2010. Hardback, A4 size 200 pages. £34.00 + p&p £6.99