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About the Sid Vale Association

Connaught GardensThe Sid Vale Association is the oldest Civic Society in Britain.

On September 18, 1846, the first meeting of the Sidmouth Improvement Committee took place. This was the first expression of concern by our 'founding  fathers', to conserve the charm and attractiveness of Sidmouth and the Sid Valley.  Later the SVA was registered as a charity -

". . . for the Protection of the Beauties and Amenities of the
Neighbourhood and to promote and aid its Cultural Development".

Through their foresight, (together with the energies and activities of those who followed them down the years), many who come and discover Sidmouth, are able to value and appreciate what they did; and what today's Members are continuing to do.

You may be an established resident; or someone who has come to live here recently.

Signpost to SidmouthEither way, you have your reasons for choosing the charm of Sidmouth and its surrounding suburbs, in which to make your home. Why not lend your support to sustaining our heritage by joining the Association?

How to Join the Sid Vale Association Click Here

OFFICERS of the Association may be contacted at the email address below.

PRESIDENT:Revd. Handel H. C. Bennett, Tel 01395-514211

CHAIRMAN: Mr. Alan Darrant, Tel 01395-519848

VICE CHAIRMAN: Mr. Ed Harrison, Tel 01395-514430

HON. TREASURER:Mr. Neville Staddon

HON VICE-PRESIDENT (Non-Exec): Mr. Brian Callaway B.A.(Cantab) Dip.Ag.(Cantab)